Career Opportunities

Please see our current openings for SRA and postdoc here.

We have 2 openings for UCSD Bs/Ms program

Current graduate students interested in a rotation at the Desplats Lab, please email the PI directly.

Students interested in BISP199 projects and volunteer opportunities, please email the PI and include c.v. and career goals. 

The Desplats Lab has a postdoctoral position open for immediate starting. The lab is interested in understanding how altered epigenetic mechanisms may contribute to adult neurodegenerative disorders, and we have a long-standing trajectory on unraveling disease mechanisms associated with alpha-synuclein misfolding and accumulation (PNAS 2009, 106(31):13010-5; JBC 2012 287(38): 31691-702), including pioneering epigenetic analysis in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases (Epigenetics 2013, 8(10): 1030; Alzheimers Dement. 2017 13(6):689-700; Epigenetics 2019, 14(4):365-382; Alzheimer’s Dement 2021; 13(1):e12156)

The study is based on modulation of DNA methylation in the context of neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s disease, applying cellular and mouse models, CRISPR and Cre/flox tools, in addition to transcription and epigenetic analysis. Another aspect of the study is exploring epigenetic signals as biomarkers for diagnosis and disease progression, a highly-innovative and fast paced project.

We are looking for a self-motivated individual with strong creative and critical thinking; detail-oriented and goal-driven researcher who is an exceptional team player. 


  • Recent Ph.D. in neurosciences, molecular or cell biology
  • Hands-on experience on cutting edge technology for transcriptional and epigenetic analysis, like ChIP-seq; RNA-seq; ATAC-seq and similar techniques
  • Advanced skills in tissue culture, including gene modulation and CRISPR
  • Candidates with a proven record of proficient data analysis using complex bioinformatic pipelines will be prioritized
  • Expertise in mouse models of neurodegeneration, including stereotactic injections, brain sectioning and immunostaining 
  • Excellent written communication skills and team-work

If you are interested in joining a growing and vibrant lab with a passion for translational science and to enjoy the highly collaborative neuroscience community of San Diego, please contact the PI at including CV and a brief description of research interests.